7 Ways You Are Destroying Your Car in this year

Your car is one of your most valuable assets. It takes you to and from the places that make you money, pay your bills, feed your family, and more. For this reason, you should be taking extra care of your vehicle if you want it to last a long time. There are many ways you can damage your vehicle, so it is important that you develop good car care practices early on in your driving career.

Many drivers have developed habits that they think are helpful, but actually do more harm. Continue reading to learn the top 7 ways you are ruining your vehicle without even knowing it, and what you can do if it is no longer suited for the road.

1. Revving the Gas

Many drivers believe they can warm the engine up faster by revving the gas pedal over and over again, but this is not good for your vehicle because it leads to engine damage. If it is cold outside, it is best to allow your vehicle’s inner fluids to warm up; but revving the engine is not the right way to do it.

2. Riding the Brakes

Many people also have a habit of “riding the brakes”, which basically means slightly adding pressure on the brake pedal while driving so that they can stop instantly at any time. This practice, often executed on downward hills, is highly damaging to a vehicle’s overall braking system. Driving at lower speeds will help eliminate the urge to keep your foot on the brake petal at all times.

3. Failing to Decelerate at Bumps and Potholes

Speed bumps, potholes, and other surface blemishes can be highly destructive to a vehicle’s suspension and undercarriage parts if you fail to significantly reduce your speed while passing over them. In fact, potholes should be avoided at all costs. Speed bumps should be driven over, cautiously and slowly.

4. Habitually Driving With Low Fuel

Gas prices are certainly a bummer, but you do not want to drive around with $10 in your tank at all times. Be sure to always fuel up all the way at every fill-up in order to prevent forcing your vehicle to use the old, mucky fuel at the bottom of the fuel tank at some point in time. This will lead to engine damages and clogged filters.

5. Suddenly Starting and Stopping

Whether in rush hour traffic or in a big hurry to not be late to work, you do not want to resort to sudden stopping and starting, over and over again. This habit of driving puts a lot of pressure on the internal workings of the braking system and rotors, and significantly increase fuel consumption.

6. Driving With Improperly Inflated Tires

Proper tire inflation is heavily significant to the overall safety and performance of a vehicle. Not only are improperly inflated tires unsafe, they will eventually cause other damages to a car. Be sure your tires are not over or under-inflated by checking the levels regularly with a manual tire pressure gauge.

7. Neglecting Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Routine car maintenance, such as inspections and fluid chances, are imperative for vehicle safety, performance, and longevity. Be sure to have your car serviced according to the instructions in the owners’ manual if you want to avoid unsafe driving conditions and repeated repair costs.

Is Your Car Done For?

If you are guilty at damaging your vehicle beyond the possibility of repair, you still can bring home a profit to use toward a new vehicle. Simply sell your junked car for cash on the spot at any local junk cat buyer! Regardless of age, make, model, or condition, a professional junk car buying company will pay you cash for the recyclable scrap metal inside your vehicle.

There Are Many Benefits Of Using Custom Wheel Spacers in this year

The wheel spacer that get fitted on to a vehicle are attached in between the wheel and the hub of the vehicle. When you get to use the custom wheel spacer, you can even have more benefits as against the ones which are readily available in the market and you go for a direct fitting. You can get a better road clearance with the custom spacer and the cornering of the vehicle during the taking of turns also become easier. The customized ones fit into your vehicle much better creating better effects. They are very much ‘make and model’ specific to give the best results.

Enhanced safety features

Many people prefer to use larger wheel spacer for their cars. When you use the wheel and the rims that are bigger in size than the normal ones, the look of the car gets enhanced. The balance of the vehicle also improves with better road grip. The spacers which are customized allow greater road clearance for the vehicle. The car becomes safer to travel in. There are many sellers who are making the customized spacer which are very specific to your car manufacturer and the model you are using. You can get the details of these customized wheel spacers in the web pages of the manufacturer.

Your vehicle gets an impressive look

With the usage of the customized spacers, you can be able to get an enhanced look of your vehicles. You otherwise car that used to possess an ordinary look gets a facelift through this installation. The wheel spacer when they are fitted onto the car make the wheel to protect outwards. It renders a robust and aggressive look to the vehicle. The car looks more masculine. This effect is prominent in the sports cars too. All the better-looking cars are seen to have good wheel spacers.

Get better control of the car

The maneuvering of the car becomes easier with the introduction of wheel spacer. With the attaching of the custom spacer, you can have a better control of the car. When the car wheel protrudes out, the grip of the wheels rise. The wheels are spaced away from the axle giving the sturdiness to the car. When the car travels at high speeds there are lesser chances of the car turning over. Taking turns also become easier and the car dies not topple. The balance of the car makes it easier to maneuver the car at high speeds. When the car has to be cornered, the larger wheel spacer again render help for easy moving of the wheels.

Change the bolt pattern

With the use of custom wheel spacers, the bolt pattern of the wheels can be changed. The original hub may have a certain bolt pattern. When you attach the spacer, the spacer may have a different bolt pattern over it. With the change in the pattern, the look of the wheel changes. The wheel can also be fitted on more firmly to the hub through the wheel spacer in between. This will again add to the safety issue.

Exclusive Car Detailing Services in this year

The best car detailing service providers should be able to offer friendly services, attention to detail, honesty, and value. It is also very important that the needs of the customers be placed first at all times.

It is also essential for such a car detailing service provider to be fully covered or insured. The services that you can get include headlight restoration, machine polishing, and cutting. Engine detailing, rubbers and plastic rejuvenation and restorations, leather conditioning and cleaning, upholstery and carpet disinfection and shampoo extraction, exterior and paint finish treatments, and high-pressure cleaning.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is the performance of thorough finishing, restoration, and cleaning of a vehicle to come up with the highest level of cleanliness as well as polish. The car detailing can be done on the interior and/or the exteriors of the automobile.

Professional services, as well as product sales to hobbyists and professionals, are a representation of a high presence commercially where the vehicles are the primary transport mode. This industry enjoys a very high revenue as compared to other auto areas.

The components

Car detailing can be split into the interior or exterior categories. There are some services and products that focus on the specific areas. Exterior detailing usually involves the restoration and cleaning of the finish on the car surface. This usually has to do with paint followed by a glossy finish. It also has to do with all the visible components on the exterior of the vehicle, including the tires, the wheels, the windows, and even the chrome trim.

When handling the exteriors, many techniques and products are used and this is usually based on the surface of the vehicle as well as the condition. It also has to do with the preference of the detailer. Products used include polishes, waxes, detail clay, detergents, and acid-free degreasers. All these have a role and others may be included in such cases. For thorough work, including towels, brushes and all sorts of applicators are needed.

Interior detailing usually deals with deep clean of the entire cabin interior. The interiors of the vehicle comprise things such as plastics, carbon fiber composites, natural fibers, leather, vinyl, as well as carpet upholstery made of synthetic fibers. So as to handle all these materials, a variety of products and techniques need to be applied. Vacuuming is actually standard. The stains in upholstery can be easily removed by the use of foam chemicals, liquid chemicals, or even steam cleaning. The surfaces that are nonporous can also be polished.

The auto body

The detailing process is extensive, but normally, it does not include any corrective actions like the repair of the body especially when they are major. It is restricted to paint restoration through dial action or a polisher that eliminates any swirl marks.

Detailing is now an existing business venture and it is growing fast. Many people are now finding it a lucrative opportunity for purposes of investing. You need to choose a car detailing service provider who is experienced and one who offers the best services.

Can I Get Reimbursed For a Recalled BMW Part I Just Replaced? in this year

Over the past several months, there have been a slew of auto recalls from some of the most prominent automakers in the US and abroad. In one significant recent recall, BMW recalled the rear light assembly in their 2008-2010 5-series vehicles. This important safety recall affects approximately 134,000 vehicles. Because this issue can create a major risk factor for a rear end collision, many BMW drivers have likely already repaired this part as soon as the issue presented itself. The affected 5-series cars are old enough to be out of warranty, so many of the repairs were likely already completed by local independent BMW repair shops – meaning the drivers paid out of pocket for the repair.

Should these BMW drivers who have already repaired their tail lights be reimbursed by BMW for the parts and labor they have already paid for? In short, yes. Your vehicle’s manufacturer will cover the cost of replacement of the recalled part, as long the vehicle was taken to a qualified mechanic who used original equipment factory (OEM) parts for the repair.

It might not be an easy process to claim your money, but according to Federal regulations, auto manufacturers like BMW are required to reimburse drivers for the costs related to fixing a defective recalled part, as long as the drivers are able to present receipts as proof of the repair. Although Federal requirements don’t require the use of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, they don’t prohibit the manufacturer from requiring the use of OEM parts for the repair of the recalled part to be considered reimbursable.

It is a best practice to keep all of your invoices for repairs and service on your BMW because you never know when a part may be recalled. If you haven’t kept your receipts organized, your qualified, independent BMW mechanic will have a record of these invoices and should be able to print off a new one for you. It’s also a good idea to keep any other important documentation relating to the recall, such as the recall notice that you receive in the mail.

If you’re looking to claim a reimbursement for a recalled part that you’ve already replaced, you can work through your local dealer for guidance, or get in touch with the auto maker’s customer care department. If you have problems with the claim, and are denied reimbursement costs at first, don’t give up so easily. One tactic that has proven successful, even after initially having the claim denied, is to elevate the issue to your local news station’s investigative team for help like this California lady did. Remember, Federal regulations are on your side when it comes to vehicle safety recalls.

How to Buy a Used RV – Secrets RV Dealers Don’t Want You to Know in this year

What is the Dealer mark up on a used RV?

The typical dealer mark up on a used RV is 30 to 45% above wholesale RV invoice price. With extremes at 10 to 60%. The Manufacture’s suggested retail price is generally 30-40%, but most RV dealers are free to sell the RV for a price that they can get the most for it. High volume RV dealers typically sell more RVs at lower margins. Smaller volume rv dealers may sell less but expect more profit on each unit.

What is the wholesale invoice price amount? This is the price that the dealer paid for the motor home. Most dealers will not let you see this price up front. A few will. Even though they have list prices of 30 to 50% above RV wholesale invoice, most dealers like to make at least a 30% margin on their inventory. You should always be able to talk them to at least 30% over wholesale invoice. If I can buy a car for $500 over the wholesale invoice, can’t I do the same think with a motorhome? To stay in business a dealership would have to sell for a minimum of 10-20%. RVs are much more expensive then cars and require more overhead.

Are their any other advantages to being a high volume dealer? Yes being a high volume dealer also allows you to get manufacturers rebates from $50 to 15% cash back from the manufacture. This depends on how aggressively the manufacturer is working to promote products or increase market share.

What amount should I offer the RV dealer and how do you calculate this amount? If you know the rv wholesale pricing or invoice amount (the amount the dealer paid) for the motorhome, in a competitive market just add 15 to 20% to the wholesale amount to make your offer. If you don’t know the wholesale amount, here is a good way to estimate it: 1) Divide the SRP(suggested retail price) by 1.4. (This Assumes the average a 40% mark up) ex. List price 140,000/1.4 is equal to 100,000 wholesale invoice price. 2) Add a 30% mark up to the invoice price to bring it to $130,000 this an offer that a dealer will almost never refuse. 3) If you are a bargain shopper or feel that the dealer is in a pinch or in a competitive market offer of invoice plus a 20% mark up =$120,000 4) Probably the best deal you will find on the current years model is a 10% mark up for $110,000 above the wholesale RV invoice. Most dealers won’t accept this though.

Finding A Car With A Long Life Expectancy in this year

According to Consumer Reports, the average car will last 150,000 miles. If you are buying a newer model and keeping it properly maintained, it may last until 200,000. That still leaves a few car shopping expeditions in the average consumers lifetime. For many of us, car shopping fills us with dread. So we want to start with a car that is naturally inclined to last longer than average.

Honda and Toyota still lead the pack in producing the most reliable cars. But according to a 2010 issue of Consumer Reports, General Motors is stepping up its game to improve previous models and some new models, such as the Cadillac SRX, the Chevrolet Camaro and Equinox and the Buick LaCrosse V6 have a reliable rating from the beginning. Ford remains the most reliable of American made models, while Chrysler is the lowest ranked. And the car hailed by Consumer Reports as yielding the best predicted reliability was the Porsche Boxster.

Retired schoolteacher Irv Gordon drove his red 1966 Volvo P1800 for 2.5 million miles and holds the current Guinness World Record, as certified in the mid 1990s. Of course, such occurrences are extremely rare. But there are services available and steps you can take to increase the longevity of your car, most of which concern the taking proper care and maintenance per the vehicles manual.

A good start for any car owner is to read the manual. Consult it often, and don’t be afraid to take any questions to the dealership. Another simple step is to keep the car clean. Spending oodles of money isn’t necessary, but you should be sure to keep up with routine maintenance. Check fluids every few months (or as suggested by the car manual) to make sure they stay at the proper levels. These include radiator coolant and brake, windshield washer, power steering and transmission fluids. This is very important because these fluids lubricate different parts to reduce friction, heat, and the overall wearing down that can occur over time. Check your manual to see how often the oil and oil filter should be changed; the answer can differ depending on how many miles you drive.

So, if you want to buy a car that will outlast the average of 150,000 miles, start with a car that has a dependable reliability rating, such as a Honda, Acura, Subaru or Ford. If you are buying used, be sure and run a vehicle history report. You can save time searching for your car by using a car search engine such as Piefind.com. Piefind searches multiple classifies ads to bring you a list of relevant possibilities, saving you time and energy.

3 Reasons to Buy a Repossessed Car From a Credit Union in this year

Are you shopping for a deal on a vehicle? Have you ever considered purchasing a repossessed vehicle but didn’t want to pay to locate repos? This article will provide you with information on understanding what a “repo” is, the benefits of buying one directly from the financial institution, and where you as a consumer can locate repossessed repossessed vehicles locally.

1- Value:

Much has been said about buying repossessed vehicles. While most of it has focused on the great deals you get, it’s important to understand what a “repo” is, and why you get a better deal. Calling a car a “repo” doesn’t automatically make it a good deal. A lot of the used cars you see at dealerships were once repos too. Most of the larger Banks will send their repos to “Dealer Only” auctions. Here Dealers will buy them at wholesale, clean them up, and then sell them to consumers for a commission. Once a Dealer adds a commission or fees to the wholesale price, it is now a retail price and the term “repo” is inaccurate. Dealers may still call them “repos”, but in reality this is nothing more than a sales gimmick.

Many of the smaller Credit Unions deal only in lower volumes, and get better results from selling their repos to the public. Typically they will post a link on their website that provides information about their current inventory. By skipping the Dealer and buying directly from your local Credit Unions you avoid paying and fees or commissions for a bona-fide “repo”. Credit Unions are anxious to sell these vehicles and can make added concessions that a Dealer or other private party could not.

2- Trust:

There seems to be a stigma with the term “Used Car Salesman”. Although most Dealers are honest, consumers become somewhat guarded when negotiating a vehicle purchase. Nobody wants to get buyers remorse after they find out they were mislead.

When you buy a repossessed car directly, you can be assured that they are not paying a sales commission or any hidden fees. Credit Unions want nothing more that to retain your trust. The Credit Union motto is; “not for profit, not for charity, but for service”. The Credit Unions have no incentive to sell you on a vehicle you don’t want.

3- Financing:

Credit Unions are not Car Dealers, but they can still sell cars and provide onsite financing. Perhaps the best perk of buying from a Credit Union is the financing. Ask any Car Dealer about financing and they will most likely tell you the Credit Unions are the best. Credit Unions can do things that larger Banks can’t.

Many Credit Unions who sell “repos” will even provide special financing terms as low as 0% financing. When buying these vehicles you can negotiate both the price and the financing terms. If the they can’t budge on the price, try asking for a reduction in the interest rate.

The next step is to start looking for a repo deal. RepoFinder’s website was designed and built with deal-seekers in mind. The website is 100% free to use and is the best place to start your repo search. RepoFinder connects you directly to the Lenders.

Differences Between Monoblock and 3-Piece Forged Wheels in this year

In the wheel market, forged wheels are considered as being the finest rim kind as they provide a lot of styling, strength and performance benefits. There’re 2 main variations of custom forged wheels; 3-piece wheels and monoblock wheels. The basis dissimilarities between 3-piece and monoblock units are the total of parts that make up every rim. This also guides to unique performance and styling benefits for each kind.

The manufacturing procedure for both forged 3-piece and monoblock rim is very similar. Both kind of forged wheels start as blocks of wholesome aerospace-grade T6-6061 aluminum. The aluminum blocks are positioned within a forging device where it’s condensed under vast amount of force to make the shape of a wheel. The huge force formulates a solid grain formation without any small imperfection, offering the wheel an unbelievably high strength. This powerful composition enables manufacturers to employ less metal than other wheel kinds, leading to a lighter standard weight.

Monoblock rims are often called as “one-piece” wheels since they’re composed of an individual piece of T6-6061 aluminum. Following the unit of metal is forged, it’s putted into a CNC milling device where the metal is shaved off and the design is slice into the wheel. Because of their 1-piece construction and forged aluminum makeup, forged monoblock rims are the lightest of any custom forged rims. The little weight assists to decrease load at the centre of the wheel of car, hence guiding to quicker acceleration, superior lateral grip, faster braking and enhanced fuel efficiency. Their forged structure also makes them reliable and durable, which’s why they’re often employed as racing forged wheels in performance vehicles at racing events.

The other well-known kind of wheel is the forged 3-piece wheels. The procedure of making this kind of wheels is very identical to a forged monoblock wheel besides a 3-piece forged wheels starts as 3 detach units of T6-6061 aluminum blocks. The structure of 3-piece wheels makes them the most pricey forged wheels, but oftentimes they’re the most economical to repair because of the fact that only the dented units requires to by substituted. Their 3-piece structure does enable them for a wide array of widths, finishes and color combinations to be employed to produce a truly perfect fitment.

Monoblock wheels provide great strength, weight and performance benefits over the rim kinds, whereas 3-piece wheels offer superior customization options. Now it is on to you which kind of wheel you choose for your car!

Protect Your Vehicle and Yourself With Auto Insurance in this year

Auto insurance is a type of general insurance under which you will be protected against any unforeseen situations. This insurance protects you from any kind of financial distress if in the case of an accident or theft or loss of a vehicle or in any of the described events in the policy. You simply got to meet an auto insurance provider to avail this facility. Once you meet the service provider they will explain you various types of auto insurances available with them and the premium you have to pay, the term of the insurance, benefits, and riders if any.

Knowing all these details is enough to go for auto insurance; however, it is always advisable to read the policy documents properly before signing the documents. It provides property, liability, and medical coverage. Property coverage provides protection against theft while liability coverage protects against any legal responsibilities which are to be performed by you. On the other hand, it also provides medical coverage in case of any injuries and sometimes lost wages and funeral expenses.

In any of the above-stated conditions, both your family and you will suffer huge losses if you do not opt for auto insurance. Opting an auto insurance is compulsory if you are buying certain kinds of vehicles, under which your initial premium will be added to your vehicle’s cost and subsequent premiums can be paid either online or offline. Generally, any auto insurance will stay active only for six months or a year; your insurance provider will intimate you before the expiry of a particular policy.

You can renew the policy if you want to continue with the same one or else you can go to a different service provider. There is an option of modifying a particular policy as per your requirement. You can add few more benefits to the existing policy for a minimum additional premium. These additional benefits are termed as riders which are intended to protect you from any additional distresses.

The insurance is applicable to any kind of vehicles like car, two-wheeler or commercial vehicles. The premium amount varies depending upon various factors like insured declared value, type of vehicle, the age of the vehicle, fuel type, the age of the insured, etc. Opting for auto insurance not only cushions you against financial distresses but also supports your family in case of any misfortune. The small penny you pay today will protect you and your loved ones from the large loss that could potentially weaken you physically and psychologically.

5 Helpful Car Rental Tips in this year

All of us look forward to saving as much as we can. When it comes to traveling, it matters even more. Although many travelers focus on saving through cheap airfares and hotel deals, there is a lot more attention that needs to be paid to the car rental costs. You’d be surprised to come across how high these can be. One common misconception is that these car rental rates are all the same and there is no point in planning before time.

You certainly need those wheels on your next trip. However, you can save through so many ways to cut down the never ending cost of car rental. Here are some of our best advices.

1. Join a Loyalty Program

Although there are still a lot of travelers who hesitate upon joining any extra programs, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. A loyalty program is great because signing up is free of cost and the long term benefits are great. It might be stressful to understand the procedures initially, but who would mind getting upgrades and perks? With being a loyal member, you’ve significant chances of improving your status. Just like frequent fliers are benefitted with the loyalty program of an airline, joining a rental car loyalty rewards program would be a great way to save!

2. Make Use of Coupons

Before booking, it’s always worthwhile to look out for coupons and deals related to car rentals. No matter what time of the year you’re traveling, there’s plenty for those in need. The best part of possessing coupons is that you’re rewarded for over and beyond the discounts you get as a frequent flyer. At Alamo, Avis, Dollar and Budget, you will come across the hottest deals on car rentals.

3. Avoid the Airport

Because of the convenience, a lot of us end up making the mistake of paying higher at the airport. To save a lot more, all you have to do it so allow yourself more time and commute out of the airport vicinity. This would help you to come across several choices of offsite agencies that would offer you some great rates. Although this challenges your convenience and comforts, you can benefit in the form of huge savings.

4. Lengthen your Reservation

A lot of us when trying to save money book for exactly the same duration as needed. Try doing it otherwise next time. This is because reserving for a longer time can substantially lower your base rate. For instance, weekend rates are often higher in comparison to weekdays. Luckily, many car rental companies give a good return even if you hand back the car earlier than expected. However, for the clarity of procedures it is a must to go through the terms and conditions before agreeing on the contract.

5. Gas Costs

Unfortunately, a lot of us consider this cost insignificant. It is a must to do a research about the gas costs to estimate them over a period of time. GasBuddy is a great mobile app that allows you to find out the cost of gas no matter where you go.