Easy, Fast, and Safe Parcel Delivery to China

It is already known that China has massive manufacturing power. There are many manufacturing facilities operated by big companies and even small enterprises ready to accept outsourcing manufacturing process at very competitive price. But to make sure the product meets the standards, it is crucial to send the product prototypes or standards to the outsourcing facilities.

Sending parcel overseas is challenging especially when the parcel contains product prototype with confidential design information. The package must be delivered on time and highly secured. Of course, the delivery price must be reasonable for your budget. Parcel to China with ParcelABC is the best solution you can get.

Easy and Safe Parcel Delivery

Parcel ABC is a new concept of parcel delivery solutions. It is committed to make parcel delivery easy and safe and with the cheapest price possible. This isn’t a shipping company but this company is building network of local and international delivery companies all over the world. It allows this company to optimize empty spaces on those delivery companies with more competitive price. No wonder Parcel ABC can offer wide selections of express and economy delivery to all destinations all over China with the most efficient cost and delivery time.

Why Parcel ABC

It is true all delivery companies can offer delivery service to China. But Parcel ABC can offer more benefits including:

  • No minimum or maximum size or weight
  • Door-to door pickup and delivery
  • Guaranteed safety and security throughout the delivery process.
  • Real time tracking
  • Insurance coverage for all parcel deliveries

How to Use Parcel ABC Service

Sending Parcel to China with ParcelABC is also as easier as ABC. Everything can be done online from the convenience of your home. Book the delivery service through the online app on the website. Simply fill the collection and delivery address and information of the parcel. You will get the quote stating the estimated delivery time and the delivery cost. It is guaranteed that the cost will be very competitive. Once you agreed with the quote and the terms, your parcel will be pickup at your place and you’ll get tracking number for your parcel. Do you want to send multiple parcel? There’s no need to worry. The process is the same and as easy and the price can be even more competitive.

It is important to understand that based on the local law in People’s Republic of China, there are numbers of items prohibited to import including compact discs and computer parts, used electronics, media publication both printed and digital, tobacco and tobacco leaves, ivory and products made from ivory, and many more. Better contact Parcel ABC to consult about the item you want to deliver to China to make sure it isn’t prohibited.

This parcel delivery service is also not accepting parcel containing perishable products, animals and plans, or art works.

There’s no need to worry about sending parcel to China. Easy, fast, and safe delivery is possible when you trust a reliable parcel delivery service and Parcel ABC is definitely the one to trust.