The Curb – A Driving Test Enemy in this year

The curb is an integral part of every sidewalk. For pedestrians, it marks the edge of the sidewalk. For drivers who want to park, it shows whether parking is possible or not. For driving students during their test, it’s the worst nightmare. Countless people failed their driving test for hitting the dreaded curb. Those situations vary, but they all end up with a disappointed driving student.

One common situation that causes curb hitting is right turns. Sometimes driving students are not proficient enough in making turns, which causes them to make their turn too tight. When it happens, the car goes on the curb. Even if there is nothing on the sidewalk at that moment, the test has one way to go from there – to a failure.

Backing up is also a major cause for hitting the curb. The back up test can be as simple as driving back in a straight line. However, some student drivers don’t have the skills to move the car properly. They turn the wheel the wrong way and end up hitting the curb. When this happens, the examiner has nothing to do but fail the student.

Parking lots also pose great threats to the car-curb relationships of driving students. When entering the driving lot, driving students should be careful not to hit the cement block at the end of the parking spot, or worse, the sidewalk at the end of the spot. If the student driver does hit it, he will probably fail at the last seconds of the test.

Parallel parking is a great driving test killer. When backing up, many student drivers don’t estimate distances well. This unfortunate fact makes them back up straight into the curb, or worse, the car behind. A sad case like this leaves the student wondering where did all the parking skill go.

There is a solution for hitting the curb: a guide that shows exactly how to perform all the necessary driving tasks with maximum accuracy. A good guide will prevent those curb hits and help the driving student reach the desired license as fast as possible.