Security Screwdriver, Torx Screwdrivers, Spanner Drivers, What Does All This Mean? in this year

Have you ever tried to find the right screwdriver for those security screws used on Computers, Ipods, and other Electronics Equipment? It can be down right confusing just trying to figure out what to call these tools, before you even begin to choose the electronics tool you are looking for.

Here are some terms you may have heard or need to become familiar with, that should help you in that search for the right security screwdriver.

  • Torx Driver: Torx is a brand name used to identify screwdrivers that are neither a Phillips head or flat blade. In most instances, torx screwdrivers have six sides, and look like a star.
  • Spanners: Spanners are screwdrivers that look similar to a flat blade screwdriver, but have the center of the blade cut out leaving only the outer two edges left.
  • Star Bits Star bits are another example of torx screwdrivers and look like a star at the tip of the driver.
  • Security Screwdrivers Security screwdrivers refer to all of the items mentioned above. They are specifically designed for those security or tamper proof screws used in the electronics industry as well as in some automotive applications.
  • Now that you have an idea as to what these specialty screwdrivers are called, let’s look at the different types. For ease of understanding, I will refer to all of the security screwdrivers as Torx Drivers.

    Torx Drivers use a number system that is generally quite easy to understand. The larger the number is, the larger the head of the driver. so a T8 Torx driver would have a smaller head size than say a T9. Torx drivers can also be referred to as hollow shaft or solid shaft. The numbering system works the same, but the Torx Drivers with a hollow center shaft will have the designation of an “H” at the end. For instance, a solid shaft Torx driver will be referred to as a T8, while the same Torx driver with a hollow shaft will be referred to as a T8H, where the “H” designates the hollow shaft.

    Now you can also find these special types of Torx Drivers in what are referred to as Security Bit Sets. In many cases, Security Bit sets allow you the same convenience as the drivers, but contain just the bits which can be interchanged using a common screwdriver handle with a hollow shaft that allows the bits to fit into. The advantage to Security Bit Sets is they can be purchased rather inexpensively. The disadvantage is their size, as they may not fit into tight places found in electronics equipment.

    Spanners on the other hand are a little different than Torx Drivers. The name of this security screwdriver explains how this driver works. It is a two pronged driver that spans over a center tip in the security screw. Although this type of security screw is not nearly as popular as the traditional star type screw, it is becoming more prevalent in newer electronic equipment.

    Remember, the manufacturers have put these types of security screws in their equipment for a reason. In may cases removing these security screws will void the warranty of your equipment. They are also used to assure that this type of equipment be repaired by trained Electronic Technicians.