Cruise Control and Accidents in this year

Cruise control is a useful function when you’re on longer highway trips. It allows you to keep a steady speed, freeing you from foot cramps, decreasing the chance of getting speeding tickets, and even increasing your gas mileage. Your car’s cruise control is governed by an electronics system, which holds the car to a certain speed. However, like most conveniences, there are some potential dangers that go along with the relative ease of automated systems.

Cruise Control Basics

The first speed control systems were actually based on relatively old technology; centrifugal governors were used starting in the early 1900s by several luxury automobile manufacturers. Centrifugal governors date back to the late 18th century, and were used to control the speed of steam engines.

Modern speed governors were invented by the mid-1940s. While they vary in the method they gauge speed (some using the drive shaft or the engine’s RPM, with more advanced models using a wheel speed sensor), the end result is always the even maintenance of the vehicle’s speed.


There are a number of advantages to speed control systems, including:

· Automatically maintaining speed reduces driver fatigue, by increasing the comfort of the driver and reducing the likelihood of painful leg cramps.

· Cruise control reduces the likelihood of being pulled over for speeding by maintaining a pre-set scene.

· A maintained speed allows for better fuel economy by reducing acceleration.

· Many drivers find that the speed system is more relaxing, as it reduces the amount of attention they have to pay to constantly pay to the speedometer.


Unfortunately, cruise control systems have a number of disadvantages as well, largely due to the automation of the process. Some of the most notable disadvantages include:

· Because they require no attention from the driver, speed control systems sometimes encourage highway hypnosis. Accidents have been known to occur in which drivers who weren’t paying attention to the road drove off a curve or into other cars because of the constant speed.

· Driving on a bad road surface can cause a car set to a constant speed to skid uncontrollably, with the driver unable to disengage the control fast enough to respond to the situation.

Cruise control accidents are dangerous and can be deadly. If you’ve been injured in one, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation. To learn more from an experienced W isconsin Accident lawyer, visit Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C., today.