Safer Cars Can Also Be Greener and Cheaper Cars To Buy, Drive, and Insure in this year

I remember when compact cars became popular. My parents still stuck to their large sedans because they did not think the smaller cars were safe, and maybe in those days, they had a good point. Of course, I ignored that advice when I was young and chose small, sporty cars. However, when I started picking out cars to drive my own kids around, I did keep their advice in mind and gravitated towards larger cars and mini vans. However, these days, with years of study data from the government, car companies, and car insurance companies, we are finding that the facts tell us that the size of a car does not make it safer or more dangerous.

We all think that having more steel on a frame should provide more protection. However, every car has strong points and weak points, and it is the design of the car with safety features that make a car safe. Some big, heavy SUVs tend to roll over or break in vulnerable places, and so they have caused more injuries and deaths than some smaller cars with a better design.

Of course, large cars also have other issues that make them expensive to drive. They tend to use more fuel, and most of us take that into account these days when we consider how much it will cost us to operate a car. Of course, any car that uses more fuel, will not be as environmentally friendly. So if you consider the cost to buy, cost to operate, and the cost to the environment, you will find that many SUVs and very large cars are expensive, indeed. If you are not paying extra for safety, then it may be a lot harder to justify your decision.

Big vehicles also tend to do more damage to any other car or property they have an accident with. So insurance companies charge more for car insurance because they know they will have higher claims amounts. So if everybody decided to buy smaller, lighter, and better designed cars, we would all have a much safer world to drive in.

Before you buy a large car, truck, or SUV because you assume it is safer, please go do some research. The government runs which publishes crash test and real world statistics online. Of course, car insurance companies keep very good records, because they base part of the price they charge you upon the safety of a car. Before you buy, you may also want to compare the price of premiums for different car choices.