Is My Wife Being Unfaithful? 4 Signs Your Wife is Cheating on You in this year

4 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

Listen fellas, I know men get a bad label in our society as lustful cheaters and not caring about a woman’s feelings. But we know there are plenty of men who are all about commitment, which is great! But on the flip side, women are just as capable as men to unfortunately be unfaithful. Read on to discover signs your wife is cheating on you.

1. Your Worst Critic

Lately, your wife is criticizing you over every little thing. This is one of the earliest signs your wife is cheating on you. She does this to justify her behavior in her mind. Her thinking is, “He’s not a good husband, so that makes my affair okay,”

2. I Didn’t Give You Those

Jewelry, clothes, and shoes that you didn’t buy for her may have come from another man. These are huge warning signs your wife is cheating on you, especially if she is vague about where they came from.

3. Changes In Sex Drive

This may be tough, because female sex drives are all over the map. Only you know your wife’s sexual habits. Women who are interested in sex will not want it as often. If your woman is lukewarm about sex, you may want to look for opposite signs your wife is cheating on you. See if there’s condoms, sex toys, lube and such in her car, drawer or purse.

4. Out With “The Girls”

One of the classic signs your wife is cheating on you. Being out with her girl friends is one excuse, working overtime is another. One way to find out is to call her while she’s out. Make up a question that you need to call about. If she answers, pay attention to background noises and her behavior. Is she whispering, or in a hurry to get off the phone?