"How To" Maintenance Tips for Your 3M Clear Bra Automobile Paint Protection Film in this year

1. 3M clear bras should not be waxed with a wax containing dyes or solvents. Some waxes and other substances may bond to the paint protection film. This can lead to yellowing and haziness. We suggest cleaning the film using Plexus or Original Bike Spirits, after washing the car, to lubricate and reduce friction. Abrasive polishes and/or rubbing compounds are not to be used.

2. If your 3M clear bra has minor scratches or scuffs pour rubbing alcohol on it and let stand for 1 minute. Some scratches will disappear. Is has been found that 3M brand paint protection film can be buffed for scratch removal. It is best to let a professional detailer do this kind of work because the process can be confusing or difficult, and cause more damage instead of repair.

3. When pressure washing your vehicle, make sure to keep the end of the pressure washer more than 3 ft away. Pressure washers and touch-less car washes can easily damage freshly applied paint protection films. Cleaning your car regularly is important to protect the paint and the clear bra.

4. If you see bubbles or edges peeling, DO NOT TOUCH THEM! Bring the vehicle back to the shop after curing. This is usually about 30 days. It is common for the edges to curl or peel or bubble about a 1/8″ away from the edge. If the clear bra was brought all the way to the edge of the hood or fenders, this is acceptable, because the peeling edges can be trimmed and still provide good coverage. Ask your installer if he can wrap the edges for the best coverage. Pre-cut kits and poor cut jobs that do not go to the edge will leave a lot of paint exposed. If you notice 1/8″ or less peeling bring the vehicle back to the shop and have the edges trimmed. If its more than that, the shop should replace the piece of clear bra.

5. Paint protection film is usually covered by insurance. If you are in an accident, make sure it is replaced as part of your insurance claim.