How to Keep Your HHO Hydrogen Generator From Freezing in this year

Are you thinking about building and installing a HHO kit but you live in the northern climates where it freezes? Well there is a few things you can do when it gets below freezing. There are many well tested HHO mixtures out there that have a VERY LOW freezing temperature which will keep it from freezing.

The mixture that you put in your HHO generator is called an Electrolyte. For warm climates, a standard HHO electrolyte is fine as it will not freeze but once you’re up in the winter wonder land, you need to use a special mixture so it will not freeze. Don’t get me wrong, It is OK to let if freeze as long as your container does not burst but your gas mileage will go down and be less efficient. If you build it right (or buy the right HHO product) it will not effect the generator. There are many HHO electrolytes out there that you can use but the mixture here works VERY well and will not freeze (unless you live in a climate where it is -60F).

Here are the ingredients:

White Vinegar

Baking Soda

Isopropyl Alcohol

Hydrogen Peroxide

Mix 3 table spoons soda and two ounces vinegar in a pan. These will react and make ascetic acid and sodium acetate (this is used to de-se airport runways). This will bubble as it reacts.

3 cups of rain water and warm it up (or use melted snow) then add the above solution.

stir until it is dissolved. Let cool.

Add 1 cup of isopropyl alcohol and mix

Add two capfuls of hydrogen peroxide

Now to test… Just drop a 9 volt battery in solution and the battery should bubble creating HHO gas.

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Have a safe and wonderful winter months and may your HHO worries about freezing be over!